I’m back!

After taking a break from writing on my blog for ages, I am finally starting to write again. Life has changed a lot. We had a son, which completely flipped my world around, it was way harder than I thought it would be. I often heard parents telling me that our lives were going to completely change, I don’t think it’s possible to comprehend what that means until you’re in it yourself.

The past year or so has been really challenging emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Our little family went through quite a rough journey with our son being born early at 31 weeks, me being very sick with preeclampsia, and then bringing home a tiny baby from the NICU that required extra care than a normal newborn. And then a few months down the line, finding out that you have been trying to take care of a sick baby (without knowing), which is the cause of most of your stress and anxiety, finally getting a diagnosis of anemia and getting treatment. Having a baby with anemia is really stressful and I found it incredibly traumatic and isolating as nobody can relate to you as not many people I know had ever experienced or heard of a baby having anemia. Maybe an older child, but a baby, no.

After Ethan was on medication, he changed drastically and started thriving. And that was when I really realised how anxious I was. I was struggling and needed help. I got the strength to contact a psychologist, and have been seeing her regularly, which has made a huge difference. My mind is clearer, I feel more myself and I’ve started finding the joys in life and really enjoy my son as he discovers his joy. We have a lot more laughter and smiles in our home.

I have also made a point to spend a lot of time outdoors, which I find so nurturing for my soul, and it’s a great chance for Ethan to grow and learn surrounded by nature. Nature really is an anti-depressant, I highly recommend it. Being outside can make a huge difference to your mental health. It has also helped me connect with God, the creator of this amazing nature, and by being rooted in Christ’s unwavering love and grace, I have had the strength to admit my failings and rely on Him for strength, peace and joy. He has helped me become the person He has called me to be and reminded me of my purpose.

So, I’m trying to take more time to write, because I find it a helpful creative outlet and it’s great to share that with other people who are interested. I probably won’t write regularly, but I do feel more inspired these days, so watch the space!

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